PVREBA Mission Statement

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers´ Agents is a truly unique company in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that caters only to North Americans. PVREBA has three separate and distinct missions:

Tell the Vallarta Story to North Americans

  • Location and Climate
  • Cost of Living, Economy and Politics
  • General Living Conditions, Cleanliness, and Safety
  • Local Activities
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Personal Treatment and Language Barrier
  • House, Condos and Land

Introduce North Americans to Vallarta

  • Areas In and Around PV
  • Growth and Price Trends
  • Condos, Houses, Retirement, Communities and Land
  • Golf Courses, Tennis Courts and Marinas
  • Restaurants and Shopping
  • Airport and Maritime Terminal
  • Hospitals, Dental Clinics and Emergency Care Facilities

Assist North American Buyers in Vallarta

  • Buyer’s Objectives and Budgets
  • Locate and Show Properties
  • Inspector and Appraiser
  • Attorney and Notario
  • Prepare Contracts
  • Escrow Agent, Mortgage Company and Bank Trustee
  • Closing
  • Move-in

As a result of owning property in Vallarta for 25 years and living here as permanent residents for the last eleven years, we have an excellent knowledge of the area. Our desire is to share our knowledge and experience with other North American baby boomers that are considering various retirement destinations so that they too, may appreciate the opportunities that lie south of the border. We aim to dispel any and all misconceptions about living in Mexico and to update retiring North Americans as to the many changes that have occurred and continue to occur in and around Vallarta. We are proud to introduce Vallarta to visitors and enjoy showing the houses and condos that meet their needs and budgets. In the event that they find their dream retirement residence, we act as their agent by assisting them throughout the buying process. Even though all communications are 100% in English, we have bilingual legal representation since all contracts and legal documents are 100% in Spanish. Acting exclusively as a buyers´ agent, PVREBA has no listings and nothing to sell. There is absolutely no charge to the buyer, in that any payments to PVREBA are only from the property listing agents. Our ultimate objective is to share our Paradise with fellow North Americans.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers' Agents

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