Areas Served

Banderas Bay - Greater Puerto Vallarta

The areas served by PVREBA from south to north.

For detailed information pertaining to the various zones in and around Puerto Vallarta, merely click on the zone of interest. This map is intended to more clearly display the locations of interest relative to each other and perhaps reveal the future growth trends. As a reference of distance, Banderas Bay, being one of the deepest bays in the world, is approximately 25 miles in diameter.

The areas served by PVREBA, from south to north, include:

1. Mismaloya
2. Romantic Zone & El Centro
3. Hotel Zone
4. Marina Zone
5. Nuevo Vallarta
6. Bucerias & La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
7. Punta Mita & Litibu
8. Sayulita & La Penita de Jaltemba

The first settlers of Puerto Vallarta were located near the mouth of the Rio Cuale river and therefore the initial growth took place in Old Town or the Romantic Zone and El Centro, along both sides of the Rio Cuale. Even though the Rio Ameca, located on the north side of Vallarta was first used for transporting mining supplies to the silver mines located up in the Sierra Madres and later used for transporting local crops including bananas grown in the rich and fertile Ameca Valley, the early settlers probably selected the Rio Cuale area for living due to its protection from tropical storms. Although serious tropical summer storms and hurricanes are few and far between, this area is extremely well protected from storms coming from the south or southwest by the Sierra Madre mountains. Consequently, as the city grew, the prime area for residential construction was located just south of the Rio Cuale in Old Town, the Romantic Zone, and Conchas Chinas, the “Beverly Hills of Vallarta”. These areas, either on the beach or on the mountainside overlooking the bay, have absolutely breathtaking panoramic views, are located on extremely solid and stable bedrock, are well protected from storms, and are walking distance from town. As Vallarta grew, the road to Mismaloya, where “Night of the Iguana” was filmed, began to be developed. This eight mile stretch of coastline is as beautiful as the finest areas around Pebble Beach and continues to be developed.

Approximately 35 years ago, the Marina area and Nuevo Vallarta were constructed. They remained somewhat under developed until about twenty years ago, when the real immigration boom began. During the past two decades, there has been a tremendous amount of development and construction in these two areas. So much so, that the Marina area is virtually fully developed with beautiful condominiums and residential neighborhoods. Nuevo Vallarta is an extremely large area and although a tremendous amount of new construction has occurred around its three golf courses, there still remains some real estate to be developed.

About twenty years ago, Four Seasons built a magnificent resort with two Nicklaus designed golf courses in the Punta Mita area at the northern most point of Banderas Bay where the bay meets the Pacific Ocean. Shortly thereafter, the entire road system to Punta Mita and Sayulita to the north, was completely upgraded to a beautiful highway. This in turn, opened the pristine 30 mile long shoreline from Punta Mita north to La Penita de Jaltemba. Litibu, El Capomo, La Penita, and other new mega-projects have been announced for this stretch of Pacific Ocean shoreline known as Riviera Nayarit and construction is only just beginning. The ten year plan for this area is absolutely mind boggling, with expenditures well above five billion dollars, as it includes the development of a new retirement zone with close to 20,000 condos, residential neighborhoods, golf courses, including a new Greg Norman course, shopping malls, restaurants, and even possibly another International Airport. An estimated 30,000 new jobs will be created as this area, one hour north of Vallarta, is developed over the next ten years.

Hopefully, the above discussion reveals the basics related to each area PVREBA serves, provides an overview of the direction of population growth, and assists you in selecting an area that most closely satisfies your objectives. For more detailed information on each area served, merely click on the internal links above.