Buyer’s Notice of Interest Form​

Buyer's Notice of Interest Form

Discussion about Notice of Interest Form

PVREBA has generated this “notice of interest” form which gives us an idea of what your level of interest is in exploring the possibilities of retirement in Vallarta. This form is also meant to assist you in determining what might best fit your situation. Knowing your time frame for retirement or partial retirement, the amount of time that you may expect to spend in Vallarta each year, how many friends or relatives might visit you at any given time, your preference of villa or condo, and of course, what your budget can stand, gets us all started in the right direction.

In order to understand your objectives and needs so that we may better serve you, we ask that you complete the following form and submit it to PVREBA.

It is not the policy of PVREBA to harass or bother you, we have much better things to do with our time; we do want to be able to contact you for follow-up in the event you need more information or have some degree of desire to pursue the concept of retirement in Paradise. Upon receipt of your “notice of interest” form, we’ll respond by phone to introduce ourselves and to get a better understanding of your situation. If you are just browsing for distant future options, we understand. However, if the time is right for you to start planning a visit to Vallarta in order to investigate the opportunities that exist in Paradise and explore the possibility of property ownership, after our introductory phone conversation or our meeting in Vallarta, we will suggest that you complete the Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement Form. At the appropriate time, this form can be faxed to PVREBA or can be completed during our meeting. When PVREBA represents a potential buyer, we put forth substantial time and effort in searching for the ideal properties that match your criteria, and therefore ask for your loyalty in return. We’re confident that you understand our position, appreciate your interest in PVREBA, and stand ready to assist you in your consideration of possible retirement in Vallarta.

We realize that some of your responses will only be estimates or best guesses, however this information is very helpful in determining how best to proceed toward assisting you in attaining your retirement goal of relaxing and enjoying life while playing in Paradise! We look forward to hearing from you.

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