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PVREBA is the acronym for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers’ Agents. As the name implies, PVREBA is a real estate company serving the greater Puerto Vallarta area, catering mainly to North American buyers. 

What is PVREBA?

PVREBA (Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers’ Agency) is the only Real Estate Agency in Puerto Vallarta Exclusively Dedicated to Representing Buyers. Our Mission is to Serve, Educate, Assist and Protect you as a Buyer. We know Puerto Vallarta. We know the process. We are here to help you, the BUYER!


The area in and around Puerto Vallarta has experienced exponential growth during the past two decades as clearly revealed in What’s Going on South of the Border? The future ten year building plan, as presented by Fonatur, the Mexican National Tourism Development Foundation, indicates perhaps another 50% increase in population growth in the greater Vallarta area during the next decade.

The PVREBA Mission Statement

PVREBA has three separate and distinct missions:

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What Our Clients Say

I have received many e-mails from L.L., she is very happy with your service and finding exactly what she had in mind. I may be interested myself just a couple of questions how many of the 63 suites have been sold, have they started any construction or are they pre-selling so many prior to starting…how many floors, prices, suites with best ocean view, is it walking distance to the beach…what is the required down payment at this time and payments to follow when and how much, does it come with appliances, do they have furniture packages available to put into rental pool?

Thanks so much it really sounds like a good investment. (referring broker)

I have told many people about you and if there is to be any serious interest in my circle of friends and family I would want them to contact you immediately before spending so much wasted time researching, although I suppose that is not a negative.

I also would be interested in another invest. in the $250,000 mark. I keep thinking about the condos above the restaurant where we had our lunch at the marina, could they poss. be a good invest, because of the location? Thank you for everything, you were the icing on the cake. Bye for now.

It is so nice to have such wonderful people involved in every aspect of my purchase. I am confident that I will be happy with my decision and my new home. It wouldn’t have happened without your help because I am too timid to do this alone. I am so lucky! I hope your big deal this afternoon was successful and lucrative. You deserve to receive bigger benefits that were possible with my small purchase. I am so grateful that you are willing to help little guys like me. I will accept your offer to help me again with improvement plans for the condo.

We are more than pleased with the choices we’ve made in regards to both you and our choice of builder. It took us over 2 years of seeing every available development on the market and working with several real estate agents. We did our homework. Now that we have taken possession and are living here, we sit back and know we made the right decisions. No regrets. Absolutely none! You are the most knowledgeable professional support person we have dealt with regards to real estate and investments. CT builds an outstanding product. Both of you are men of your words and that means a lot when buying in a foreign country.–Thanks

You are probably thinking that we have forgotten you. But we have in fact been wanting to write you since we got back from Vallarta. We want you to know that we will be in contact with you to see how the real estate market is there in Vallarta. Thank you so very much for all you did for us in our brief trip to beautiful Vallarta! Take care.

Thank you very much for your consideration. We are totally in love with our particular unit at xxxxx. I have done quite a bit of investigation on the project and everything always comes up 100% positive. We feel very comfortable with the quality of construction, the financial stability, and the vision of the developer. The package that you proposed was very fair, and we will do business with you anytime. We plan to visit again in the spring.

Thanks for all your help with our purchase. I really do not think it would have worked out without your help…no, I know it wouldn’t have panned out if it wasn’t for you! Thank you.

You definitely are the “man of real estate in Puerto Vallarta.” So terrifically glad I found you.

We appreciate all the hard work you have done for us. You will always be our PV real estate person.

Thank you so much for negotiating on our behalf. Thank CT for working with us and hope to see you again in the spring.

You were exactly correct (and prescient) with your assessment of (name omitted). It’s fun to go back to your email of 26.Oct.2007 and re-read it now. Sounds like you were working for the Saskatoon Securities Commission. Nice work–you saved me a fortune!

I know we’re late in thanking you for the wonderful touring and the fabulous new friendship you offered us. So now tonight even though it’s very late I have to sit down and let you know what’s been happening and let you know that we raved to all our friends and family about P.V. and the wonderful new friend we had met and if we can we will continue to refer visitors and buyers to you.

We have been looking around at condos and houses to get a better feel for the market and where we would really want to live if we decided that we would like to spend some or part of the year in Mexico.

We want to assure you if we decide to purchase you will be included as our buyer’s agent. We appreciate all of the time you spent showing us places and do not want to take advantage of your time.

We love you so much. You are a great guy and we appreciate everything you have done for us. Keep up the good work. Best of luck selling this winter.

We appreciate your taking time to meet with us. In fact, we have already passed your name on to another couple that we met here in PV who are looking for real estate. Again thank you and we will be in touch as we move toward purchasing property in PV.

Hi Jim: Thanks for making today go smoothly and for all your work to make this happen in a good and timely manner. So happy to be in our own home. Thank you again, Jim, for all the help beyond the call of duty you have been to both of us. J&F

Jim, I’m speechless with amazed appreciation! You are a wonder! Thanks M&S

No shelves in the cabinets – really; thanks to Jim, we have some now :). On a serious note, you guys have all been great, and I appreciate it. Both Taniel and Jim (my agent) have been great partners in making this purchase as seamless as possible. Kudos to both of them. J&C

If you would like to send me your email address I would be happy to forward you some basic information that was helpful to us. Again, Guovanni, you probably know as much or more than I did about PV, but I had the good luck to meet Jim Scherer who (a) knows more about Puerto Vallarta, it’s builders, agents, etc., than anyone I’ve met, and (b) is one of the finest, most honorable real estate agents I’ve come across in my 40 years as a real estate attorney. R&L

We both so enjoyed our reunion today. And thank for the lunch. Next one is on us! You have been above and beyond helpful this past year to us in so many ways. M&I

We do love the condo and have met some of the residents – going out to dinner with two couples tonight and met another one who gave us a ride into town yesterday. Everyone is very friendly and we think it’s going to be a great building. We are also meeting some nice folks through the Ex-Pat community. So all in all we are settling in nicely. Let’s pick a night next week to get together for dinner (any night other than Tuesday should work for us). Good luck with your new clients. D&R

FYI Jim. Just wanted T C to know how much we appreciated him getting us connected with you—a lifesaver! J

Jim, Thanks so much for reaching out and hope you had a great Christmas and will have a fantastic new year! And I hear you on Old Town. Construction everywhere! Looks like I bought at the right time… And I am sure you are doing great selling more condos! Hope to see you in the coming months. We will be there in January and I am bringing my parents and aunt out in February. Still Loving PV! Thanks, P& W

Hi Jim, Good to hear from you! Yes, I agree they are both very happy. I haven’t spoken to S while he has been down in PV but I’m sure I will when he returns to the office. I’m helping them sort all the VRBO stuff as I learn along. You still busy? It seems like this year will be a dandy for PV sales. R

Hi Jim, As always, greatly appreciated for keeping us posted. Yes, hopefully everything is completed. Thanks! S&R

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